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Empowering Fantasy, Sci-fi, World-Builders, and Imaginations

Designed by gamers, InMyth is a network bringing together RPG enthausists with hosted games, blogs, forums, and more. To empower its users, InMyth is developing the InMyth Game Designer (IGD). Its function is simple: to provide talented, creative individuals the tools needed to setup a full-featured, online roleplaying game. Through this a new platform for gaming is born.

We offer,

A Free-to-play environment consisting of high-caliber forum-based play-by-post (pbp) games. Players join together to tell stores in small free-form games where they control the action, or leap headlong into the story of sweeping hosted games, like the sci-fi epic Starborn, and work in large numbers to craft a living, breathing story that spans ages. With the IGD's support players and game makers utilize tools and ideas taken from the formerly disconnected realms of massive multiplayer online rpgs (MMORPGS) and table top gaming combining the best of ideas of both.

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Hosted Games

InMyth provides a platform for creative gamers to build the game they've always wanted from the ground up. We place the tools in your hands and allow for freedom in defining how even the smallest metrics of how the game will play out. InMyth's IGD is designed so that players are shared across the network with games both small and large benefiting from the full mobility of active players and writers.

InMyth Game Designer (IGD)

The InMyth Game Designer is a gaming solution created by InMyth aimed at improving the play-by-post gaming environment through the application of a uniform platform on which game-makers and players can express themselves. The system puts the ability to define the "what" of a game in our member's hands.

    Easily Managed Features
  • Races, Items, Skills, etc.
  • FTP Access
  • Layout and Style Sheet Design Control
  • Instant - Shared Player Base
  • Full Control of How Characters Progress
  • System Managed Currency and Experience

Gameplay Platform

The IGD promotes a new standard for online play. Our system integrates forum-based activity and provides real-time feedback to player actions via their posts in designated roleplaying forums. These posts are converted via the IGD and a game's individual metrics into experience and money for use in game-play.

Multi-Leveled Design

We are actively building the IGD and need your help! Are you interested in seeing quality games succeed or building the ones that you've created? If so we need your input on what makes a game great and in identifying feature-sets you want the IGD to support. From concept to finished product join us on the forums in developing the additional features the IGD will pursue in the future.

    Future Development Research
  • Item Crafting
  • Market & Stocks
  • Cohorts & Minions
  • Special Items & Skills
  • Player-to-Player Trade
  • Property Management
Listed here are some of the areas we are exploring for development and release. Players and game makers alike are welcome to share their ideas with us so that we are successful in creating this community based platform. By sharing with us your desires we stand a better chance of matching the availalbe features with areas all users are interested.

IGD Developmental Screenshot

InMyth's IGD