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Default Platform Transition

We are working behind the scenes to transition InMyth as a whole to a new system to bring online all the various elements. For the past year we’ve worked on a moonlighting schedule to push forward towards a proof of concept and have done so successfully “flipping the switch” for most of the game segments we plan to support via the IGD.

Looking ahead, we are retooling the strategy in an effort to modernize the gaming community and style of play out of 2002 – 2005 with Vagrant Space and into 2010 with InMyth. What does that mean? Well here are some details on where we’re laying the foundation:

1) Forums are stovepipes just like wikis. Users and content alike have a tendency to get lost in the folds of ever-expanding forums. We’re hoping to break away from the idea of forums entirely and extract our gaming model into a more modern, open format.

2) The community needs to breath. Users need more than just the forums and our site to survive, however we don’t want to become a “social network” in any sense of the word. We’re all attached to far too many of those in the first place. Instead, we want to support your activity on those sites by connecting our games to popular social networks. Tapping into other sites as well as giving you site-wide communications are on the agenda.

3) Scalability enhancements are required. Our current design is great for a small team leading a single epic game. However, it doesn’t scale when you add in multiple games and game managers. So, crossing the final threshold from proof of concept to operational setup isn’t exactly easy but we’re doing it through what we’re hoping will be the start of a very successful union of our systems. This integration effort underpins the whole thing and very much is the future of the site.

4) Redesigns necessary. We’ve enjoyed this look for a long time. Nevertheless, due to the third point on this short list and parts of the first two, its time for a change. Expect some pretty sweeping overhauls in terms of site, content, navigation, and usage. We’re going to work to make it as painless as possible, but no guarantees and I know Jeff is not entirely thrilled by the effort still required!

So, with that I leave you for now. I hope to hear from those still lingering, waiting for the release of our final usable version of our service. Want to know some more? See this post on a similar issue.
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