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Default Holiday Update

Time passes quickly as we approach the end of the first year for InMyth. While some may recall that InMyth and its concept has been around for almost two years work did not truly begin until January 2009 on development. I’m sad to think that a year is already passed, but happy to say it has been a year I’ve learned a lot from while working here.

We stand with a lot of work still on the horizon. The community has yet to really take off because of missing group support, but soon we hope to remedy that particular problem with our favorite and only poster-child game (Starborn). We’ve seen a very strong interest in user generated game content and I’ve really loved translating the volumes of ideas into solid items. I hope to see that continue as we move ahead.

I tested the waters with some small ad-campaigns in early November and found that the traffic generated is relatively non-sticky and hard to keep around. Things like that are attributable to not having a finished game or platform with which to play. I more than recognize and acknowledge even from my own standpoint that “under construction” is a bore.

As previously mentioned, December and the first of the year were our scheduled release dates for Groups and Attributes. Due to recent delays in our personal lives, I’m not so sure that will be the case. I think a first of the year expectation is more reasonable.

I enjoyed the first Holiday news series over Halloween and hope everyone was able to take some small inspiration from it.

What’s Next?

Support Welcome
We’ll be opening up donations in support of InMyth development. As soon as I place a tie-in to our PayPal account the service will go online in hopes of making the process a bit easier to facilitate. Being able to send some of the smaller parts of development outside our tiny team will be a boon, one that we haven’t been able to enjoy to date. Any support is very welcome, even continued verbal support in the face of mounting challenges.

Segments of Platform
The IGD development has only two major segments remaining. The Groups and Attribute Set systems are the final two pillars that underpin the main InMyth gaming platform yet to be deployed in version 1 state. Groups will first provide us with crews and later with whole player owned assets like corporations and other wild constructs I cannot even yet imagine. Attribute Sets are a real quantum leap in our game model and touch absolutely every item and race that will ever be created. Once in place all items will be able to have attributes and later expandable slots for customization.

Staffing & Outsourcing
As mentioned in my quick update, staffing and expanding our ability to divvy up work is paramount on my mind. Where will I find people to fill this need? I’m hoping the economy will allow me to find them more easily. The last time I looked for new faces was in the summer before things got even worse. Who knows, perhaps you reading this know or are someone we should be talking to more about the mission? Get in touch if you know where we should look.

Weekly Chats
Anyone want to chat? Something I’ve been tossing around for a long time is the idea of a community chat and chill online. If interest exists I’d love to sponsor it and hear from all of you out there in real time. Forums are great, but we’re really interested in becoming a little more connected here with our games and the Web outside of this small site. If people are interested in the idea simple chat sessions online or full-blown VOIP sessions are options we can explore. I can make myself available depending upon need.

Most of all – know suggestions are always welcome.
Often, if you look past the first cloud you find that it was the first of many inspirations.-Tres
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