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Default Dev Diary: Lessons Learned - A User Drive

I want everyone to know that we are still active here and moving towards these newly official-ized milestones. We're at the point of being too far in for turning back and I'm very glad about that. If you have other questions and comments please follow-up because this update stems from user comments. (Source)

Hope it helps.

Using this as something of a developer diary on our cycle and lessons learned:

1) I would have had more people deeply committed in some fashion early on. We are really stretching ourselves to cover all the bases and by that we are only able to release updates in fits and spurts. Wearing many hats means Jeff and I both are doing things that are well outside of our expertise and because of that we are often far-slower at it than a subject matter expert in the field. We are working to reduce this burden by outsourcing some work here and there. Better defining what we can outsource is a priority. That comes down to funding, being garage-level it can often come paycheck to paycheck. We may plop a way so people could contribute to overall project work or individual sections they especially want to see.

2) We do have a well-defined top-level framework to keep our sections well-connected. I am proud of the “system” that we’re building. I am also confident that it will be flexible enough to fill both player and game maker desires. Once our core sections are online we will be able to more easily create and interlink these segments to produce new and interesting results. Our core sections include existing systems like races, locations (the display portion of igd data has yet to be put in place), items as well as larger unfinished peices attributes and groups. We will improve these core elements by improving the way they interact, capture data, and display game info to players. I think you will see smaller changes from the developer side until we get closer to releasing the admin side and opening for other game makers.

3) We do not have a well-defined lowest level framework for anything but the simplest of functionality, however this is not a concern so much as an observation. Lower level functionality will expand rapidly when resources allow. We will likely try to package these together into bigger releases as you often see in other game or software updates. These rely on user feedback and ideas as well as bug reports and new technology. (A big change sitting in the wing is integrating social networking and sharing opportunities a bit more naturally than the simple buttons you see before the quick-reply.)


(PS - I blame the metro-rail ride for typos and discontinuity above.)
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developer diary

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