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Default 14 Days of Scares - Starborn's First Holiday Event

"Chaos Nebula"

On October 18th, 2009 prepare to be scared. The Starborn team is preparing to host the first holiday event series based around the upcoming Halloween holiday. You didn’t think they’d stop celebrating the macabre day in the future, did you?

This two week long ramp-up to the 31st will provide players with a daily burst of StarCast 9 News focused on the seedy underbelly of the Starborn universe. This is a precursor event that will help provide a framework for later events that incorporate the mission/quest system to give players even greater chances to benefit from the special occasion.

Are you ready for a fright? Players are encouraged to step up and take ownership of these events by expanding the story with their own tales. We’re ramping up our collection of stories now and are accepting user-submissions for filling the two-weeks with even more content. Ideas for dreadful organizations, sorrowful events, and ghastly characters are very welcome.

Submitting an idea is simple. If you're like us, you like templates to frame your ideas – so here is one for events.
Name: Detail on Event Activity & Idea. (Suggested Themes)
Sample Event:
Gregor’s Bad Day: One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin.(Troubled dreams, vermin, delirium)

Beware the dark. - TK
Often, if you look past the first cloud you find that it was the first of many inspirations.-Tres

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