About InMyth


"InMyth.com provides people with an outlet for creativity, fosters personal development, and encourages the exchange of powerful ideas through technology. Awakening imaginations of users and workers is the key to InMyth's success. InMyth desires to use this creativity to break into markets and tap into a self-empowering user-base."


"The mission of InMyth.com is to promote creative gaming in all its forms through intuitive uses of technology. Combining both old and new practices the company will serve its player-base and work to empower them through proprietary offerings starting with Starborn and the InMyth Game Designer (IGD). With tools in their hands players are continually empowered and encouraged to explore their dreams alongside one another. This communal nature is key to the growth of the game-systems. As players collaborate to build something greater than any singular one could have produced, new levels of enjoyment can be reached as players truly own a part of something greater.

Aligning a community around hosted games, InMyth offers gamers a wide range of options to explore the wilds of space and imagination. As time passes the company will expand its offering to encompass and meet the shifting focus of users drives - providing innovative tools to fuel our users' imaginations. Developing itself as well as its customers the company is in the business refining and empowering people, ideas, and technology to explore the joys of creative gaming."


"Empowering Imagination"

Our Company

InMyth.com is an emerging gaming company founded by Jeff Crosby and Matthew Smith, two gamers turned designers. We are focused on moving user-driven gaming forward by developing new models for imaginative gaming. By leveraging new and existing technologies we work to show that creativity is not something to be constrained - but empowered. We offer up a custom gaming platform which allows for the flexibility to develop a system for games based on gamers' preference - not some arbitrary rulebook.

Our mindset is that the truly creative, enjoyable part of imaginative gaming lies with the players, with the world-builders who share a vision of something greater.

Company Culture

"A company's culture is like its personality."

At InMyth.com we desire to grow together. Founded on our passion to create fun games and explore unknown stories, we want our users to join with us as peers ' creating and exploring the imaginative landscape. When you join in on the forums and blogs understand that we hope you are able to grow while enjoying your time here. InMyth.com is our first effort in developing a range of "intellectual philanthropy", meaning we desire to be good stewards of the mind who empower creativity and open thought. InMyth.com is committed to a friendly, mutually rewarding environment where people can have fun joining together to game. Our players are asked to keep this in mind as they join in and share.

In the end the rule to govern action is simple: Members should be kind; think of others; and have fun creating.

Our History

InMyth.com is an old idea renewed.
The history of the company and its ideas began in 2001, when a new gaming website brought online an epic tale managed by one of InMyth's founders ' Jeff Crosby. That site created the game Vagrant Space (VS), which provided the framework for the InMyth Game Designer or IGD. With VS thousands of characters were born into a unique science fiction universe with a grand history.

One of the players on VS was the other founder of InMyth, Matt Smith. VS continued until 2003 and grew a fantastic and passionate fan-base. When the doors closed several attempts by outside parties sprung up over the next five years to try and revive the much-loved VS. Sadly these sites lacked the cohesive vision and never saw the light of day - the projects stalling despite fanatical fan-bases. In light of seeing these attempts come and go Matt worked to establish a game plan to reinvent the success of VS and take the ideas spurred by GreatRPGS.com into a sustainable model. Transforming it to fit the modern web, InMyth is the second coming of the once favorite Vagrant Space.

A lot has changed since 2003, the web has grown and sadly the caliber of creative rpg gaming hasn't improved at all. Approaching the 'retired' Jeff on the off chance he might find a common interst, Matt pitched the idea to recreate the old site - and thus InMyth.com was born. As the clichê goes, "The rest is history."

We have spent most of 2008 establishing, planning, and designing a great community game. Thus partnered Jeff and Matt have crafted a powerful vision for the site. "We hope for nothing more than great memories ' VS was in the hearts and minds of many and we want a new generation of gamers to join in with games that will let them create stories that will last for years to come."

The Company & Customer Pact

InMyth has signed on to the open Company & Customer Pact in the hopes that our members will more fully understand where we as a company stand on the issues of community and growth. This non-binding pact is a statement of joint committment to a better relationship and we ask that our members recipricate.

C&C Pact